Fabio Perini

I’ve been training with Nick for one month. Before I moved to Australia i hit the gym on my own, saw some results but I knew that i had to change my training and nutrition plan for further progress. Nick made a lot of changes. Every week we have from 3-4 sessions together. The sessions are intense, varied and it’s always fun training with him. I’m really looking forward to achieve my goals and i would recommend him to all the folks who want to see fast and quality results.

Blake Whitfield

Nicks training techniques will target and reach your fitness goals in no time! I’ve been training with Nick for 5 week+ and have already lost 7kgs!! I highly recommend anyone wanting reach there fitness target to get in contact with Nick today!!

Denis O'Carrol

Really good PT. Nick is a very professional trainer, he always gives me good advice on training as well as cooking. He is a talkable mate and has a good personality. The effort is visible, a great trainer in general.

Andre Santoso

its almost a year that you have been training me. thank you for your guide and patience. ur unique motivation approach & ur guide during these days are amazing, and the result is beyond my imagination. i have now feel healthier and have more ener-gy during the day, lost so many kilos (> 20kg) and the most important thing is, you al-ways motivate me to fight the insulin resistance condition that i had.

Adam Syed

I have done sessions with Nick outdoors and in the gym. It’s the knowledge and variety he provides that makes me keep coming back. I’m happy to recommend him!

Peter Denny

Nick is amazing. He is the 3rd trainer i tried and easily the best. I have gotten amazing results from him.

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