Strategy Session

The best way that we could show you what we could do to help you achieve your goals and all the benefits that you will experience with a tailored approach to your health & fitness would be to get you in for what we call a Strategy Session.


It's about 45-60min long session that we will take you through to get to understand what are the things that make you click and what you want to achieve in greater detail. We will also give you plenty of opportunities to ask lots of questions so that you learn some really valuable information on the day.


With all this information that you give us, we will then map out a health & fitness strategy that will help you fast track your health & fitness results in a safe and efficient way.

Please fully complete the Strategy Session form attached and send it back to me prior to our meeting. Note: There is no need to print it off as it is an editable PDF form so just complete it and send it back, please.


Please discuss with your partner (if necessary or applicable) about the fact that you’re considering getting some professional help and are now exploring the possibility of hiring a personal trainer to help you with your health & fitness goals.


Please look at your financials/budget prior to our meeting so that you’re comfortable to make a decision on the day about what you’re prepared to invest into your health & fitness program going forward and when you want to start.


We look forward to meeting you at the gym.



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