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We help our clients to transform your body permanently without, fad diets & extreme workouts 


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If I was a doctor, I can't prescribe you aspirin if what you NEED is surgery.
make sense?
Just depends on what you need. This program is like having a trainer.




-You're unable to lose any weight no matter what you do. You’ve tried everything, diets, shakes, medications, high intensity exercise, crazy bootcamps. You see everyone else doing the same thing and losing pounds every single week. It’s not fair. Why is your body so different to everybody else?
-If you do manage to lose a few pounds, the weight always rebounds immediately after one or two bad meals. What’s the point of trying if you can’t enjoy or indulge in any social situation? You live life feeling guilty about choices that are normal for everybody else.

-You’ve got no energy, you’re always fatigued, your brain may not function properly. It affects your performance at work. You keep forgetting things. If only you could operate more efficiently. You’d be able to give so much more to life. You’d be able to achieve anything.

-When you don’t see results it’s so easy to lose motivation it re-starts a vicious cycle of emotional eating, binge eating, anxiety and depression. These feelings all skyrocket as you move further away from your goals. You feel nervous all the time, you never seem to be able to dig yourself out of that hole. It’s a roller-coaster of yo-yo'ing, your weight is never stable.

-Craving food is standard, but sometimes you just lose control. Needing something sweet then something salty. Emotional eating, binge eating, you have a severely negative relationship with food. Why is it that no one else seems to battle this same war? It’s not fair. It’s not you, it’s something intense and physical coming from inside.
-You don’t have energy for the kids, family or work. Life just isn’t like it used to be. All you want is to be normal, be like every other mum. No one understands you. You say you’re tired and exhausted but you get the feeling everyone thinks you’re lazy and it really hurts. You feel alone.

-Waking up in the morning follows a similar routine. You look in the mirror and think; is today a skinny day or a fat day? Unfortunately, you feel like it’s been a fat day forever, and today is no different. You jump on the scale, you ate really well yesterday expecting something, any loss at all. For some reason the scale says you’ve gained a pound. What was the point of eating well yesterday? When you’re offered a desert at lunch time you help yourself to a double portion.

-Being overweight especially with hormonal imbalances carries its health risks. Not doing something now could mean future complications. You have a family to support and they need you. It's not fair, but you're not alone. There are so many hard working professionals suffering just like you...

Whats included in the BEAT DIABETES program

Body Composition

How to Shape & Tone in less time and more efficiently 

Detailed Training/Nutrition

Having the right coaches for training/nutrition plan is the key to success.

1-1 Coaching/Support

Experienced coaches here to help coach and support you through the process.

Inside The Cut The Gut Program you’ll discover:


🥑 How to BEAT DIABETES without wasting your time following a fad diet or extreme workouts!

❌ How to STOP feeling exhausted and weak! 

🔥 Boost your metabolism and INCREASE your testosterone to feel healthy and strong!

🏋️‍♂️ Our program is designed for Men who are READY to make permanent life style changes with our help!

🏆 That's where we step in and our 26 week challenge teaches you how to reclaim control of your health and BEAT DIABETES permanently!


Nick Makris

I'm Nick Makris Founder of Elysian Fitness & the "BEAT DIABETES" transformation program helping over 5000 clients.

I've been a health coach in the fitness industry over the last 11 years. Before I became a coach I was an athlete for 9 years playing water polo in the first division in Greece and tested my mental/physical strength in the army-special forces as a paratrooper.

Now, I’m genuinely grateful to have you here. I mean it... Because over the next few days you’ll get emails from me personally about the "CUT THE GUT" program.

So - How Does This Work?

Now - The BEAT DIABETES Program is an application only membership.

We do this to ensure that every client who joins our program is a perfect fit, and will not only get great results, but also help support, motivate and uplift others in the program.

So… how does this work?

Well, as I mentioned before - BEAT DIABETES Program is based on my proven 3 step process I call “The BEAT DIABETES Method”.

If you are accepted into the program, you’ll receive:
- A full education course with 26 weekly action tasks that teach you how to become a part of the 3% and beat the statistic of the 97% of people who fail at weight loss

- Access to a VIP Facebook group with other blokes who want to lose weight, have more energy and overcome similar challenges

- A comprehensive nutrition program. Everyone plateaus and when you do we don’t let a week pass before we rotate food and make adjustments to make sure you get results.

- You’ll have your very own ‘project managers who keep you accountable, support you and keep you motivated to achieve your dream body. 

- Weekly Live Q&A Sessions & Weigh Ins, so you can get your questions answered, and stay accountable to achieving the results you desire with support from the community
It really is that simple.

So - here’s all you have to do:

Click the button below that says “Schedule a Call” and complete the short application form on the next page.

Book a time on the following page to schedule a chat with one of our senior health coaches

We’ll send you a confirmation email and speak to you at your allotted time.

That’s all you need to do right now.

We are serious about helping as many people as we can to achieve amazing results in their life. 

Which Brings Me To My Final Point:

If you’ve struggled with losing weight... and keeping it off… for a long time, just like others have 

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You may feel hopeless, and like nothing can help you… but I guarantee you, that is not the case.

Not only can we help you… but it’s a lot easier than you may think.

So click the button below… apply for The BEAT DIABETES Program… and let us help you change your life.

It's only a phone call, no pressure, worse case is it's not a great fit.

You are at a cross road right now, do you make a change and do something different or keep telling yourself you'll do it 'tomorrow' and nothing ever changes.

You owe it to yourself.

Nick Makris

Elysian Fitness

P.S. Spaces are strictly limited as we can only work with limited men at any given time. Don’t hesitate - apply now and book your call today. 


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