The Journey is catered to an individual who is determined to do a lifestyle overhaul with all factors in there life we all have our own individual journeys which will vary from one person to the next so weather it be you choosing this path to better your life due to medical or health reasons, a growing family, to educate yourself on creating healthy habits and integrating these habits in others to creating health and longevity.


We understand that many people are at different stages of there lives from beginners who have never touched a weight or even intermediate levels who enter a gym without a plan and lack the confidence and knowledge to go out and execute the workout that is designed around achieving their goals to the most experienced and advanced lifters in ever growing fitness community.

What makes this program different?

Providing the experience, education and motivation we will go through all the tips and tricks to creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle removing the misconceptions surrounding these fad diets and training routines creating a system that works for your life and adapting new plans into practice getting you well on your way to your healthiest version of you!

Understanding your body adapts quickly to new stimulus and working with an elite trainer to not only push you to reach these achievements but to monitor you every step of the way. 

What do you get with this program?


  • A nutrition plan and advice made by Evolution Nutrition a group of qualified dieticians to use in conjunction with your fitness programs


  • NEW weekly program updates – 12 different training program phases over the 12 weeks of the challenge specifically designed for you and your goals


  • 2 – 3 private/group personal training sessions per week depending on your package designed to push you harder than you could yourself along


  • Fortnightly body composition testing to assess your progress and accountability


  • Elysian eBook to help you understand the basic in’s and out’s of fitness and health


  • 10% discount for Supplements at BootyNBuff Maroubra Junction


  • Elysian Merch starter pack


  • Access to the Elysian Fitness Facebook Support Group


  • Trainerise APP Access to over 1000+ exercise tutorial videos


  • Unlimited email and phone support with your personal coach


  • Discounted 10% DEXA scans at Measure Up in the Sydney CBD

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